About Us

Aquavations Corporation

Worldwide Leader

Aquavations Corp. is a worldwide leader in advanced, pre-blended exposed aggregate coating systems for the modern swimming pool. Our mission is to develop dependable, pre-blended pool plaster systems using basic and advanced technology from years of experience and hands-on applications. We have developed new and improved products, superior to any other, utilizing the earth’s finest raw materials. A combined 40 years of work in the industry has produced pool surface technology unrivaled in appearance and durability.

Superior Technology

As a result of our vast experience and high-technology approach to product development, our products are in use in the world’s most prestigious residential and commercial swimming pools. The use of Colored Quartz-based exposed aggregate systems were first introduced to the pool surfacing industry by Aquavations personnel in 1988. We have developed, formulated and marketed the majority of existing pre-blended exposed aggregate systems currently on the market today. To date, our technology has been used in over 250,000 successful installations worldwide, including Australia, Asia, South America and Central America.

Among our many innovations in the field of pool surfacing, Aquavations has developed technologies that reduce, prevent and remove staining, discoloration and surface deterioration. We’ve made more than 10,000 poolside inspections in an attempt to identify and correct common industry problems. Our technical findings are published and used as a primer for pool surface adjustments and water treatment procedures.


Aquavations Corp. and C.L. Industries will continue to strive for reliable and proven cementitous pool products, utilizing our long-term relationships with raw material manufacturers, mining companies and our continuing developmental efforts.